Citrus Research & Technology
Citrus Research & Technology

Citrus Research & Technology Citrus R&T (ex-Laranja ISSN 0102-1907) is a scientific journal edited by Centro de Citricultura Sylvio Moreira, Instituto Agronomico, APTA-SAA, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, with the purpose of publishing, in Portuguese, English or Spanish, original scientific papers, notes and reviews, which contribute to the registration of information and dissemination of the most diverse subjects of citriculture.

The journal has been published since 1980, and has become a consultant, advisor, researcher, technician and producer of the sector, recording the events and striking facts that led to the development and recognition of our citriculture without a world scenario.


Current concept Qualis-Capes B3, in the area of Agrarian Sciences, is indexed by:

CAB International;

FAO-Agris-Caris (;

BINAGRI (Agrobase);


Portal Livre (;

Platform Periódicos Capes (

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Current EditionCurrent EditionVol. 41

Fernando Alves de Azevedo

Continuos flow

Published by:
Centro de Citricultura Sylvio Moreira/Instituto Agronômico

Citrus R&T

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