Citrus Research & Technology
Citrus Research & Technology

Soil coverage management in Brazilian citriculture

Fernando Alves de Azevedo, Dhiego Leandro Duvaresch, Rodrigo Martinelli, Diego Francisco Fuentes Aguillera, Bárbara Marçon Pereira da Silva, Neidiquele Maria Silveira & Raquel Mantovani Binoti

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Brazil is the largest producer of citrus and the largest exporter of frozen and concentrated orange juice in the world, occupying a major position in the citrus industry worldwide,  contrasting with an critical internal economic scenario which demands a high yield level that allows a good profit to growers. In this context, it is necessary the adoption of economical enabled technics with high efficiency, which can provide high yield, quality and profitability and assures longevity for the orchards. The correct management of the soil coverage in citrus is one  of the conditioning factors for good productivity. When it is handled in a proper way, provides several benefits for being a technique that combines different tools and actions of actions that provide soil conservation, at a physical, chemical and biological point of view. Currently, this cluster of actions consists in soil, weed and green manure management. It is vital to remind that, nowadays, available tools must be employed in an associated way, so that the plant protection, soil management, fertilization, cultural practices, and others, must not be analyzed and worked out separately.


minimal cultivation, weeds, green manure, ecological lawn mower.
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