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Seed quality of citrus rootstock from Clonal Garden of Centro APTA Citros Sylvio Moreira/IAC

Patrícia Marluci da Conceição, Fernando Alves de Azevedo, Welliam Hendrikx, Rodrigo Martinelli, Camilla de Andrade Pacheco & Sérgio Alves de Carvalho

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The demand for high quality seeds to obtain rootstocks of citrus is growing as these generate vigorous plants that will perform well in the field. Moreover, Normative Instruction 48 of MAPA, of September 24, 2013, requires a minimum of 50% germination for the marketing of seed of citrus. This work aimed to evaluate the physiological quality of seeds of citrumelo Swingle and Rangpur lime of rootstock clonal garden plants of Centro APTA Citros Sylvio Moreira/IAC. We evaluated the water content and quality seed in two rootstocks (Rangpur lime and Swingle citrumelo) for a period of 12 months of storage in a cold chamber. The results show that there is a loss of seed quality during the storage identified with the reduction of germination, speed of germination and emergence, and increased electrical conductivity without reducing  the minimum values of germination required by law. Thus it was concluded that the seeds of Rangpur lime and Swingle citrumelo from rootstocks Clonal Garden plants of the Centro APTA Citros Sylvio Moreira/IAC, have germination rate acceptable by law and may be stored and marketed for up to 12 months. 


 Rangpur lime, Swingle citrumelo, germination, vigor.
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