Citrus Research & Technology
Citrus Research & Technology


Volume 29, Issue 1-2, 2008

29(1-2), 2008


Effect of water stress and citrus leprosis virus on sweet orange leaf temperature and its relationship with brevipalpus phoenicis population and leprosis severity on citrus Daniel Júnior de Andrade, Carlos Amadeu Leite de Oliveira, Rosângela Santos Falconi, Fernando César Pattaro & Édemo João Fernandes Article
Chemical control of Colletotrichum acutatum in sweet orange Fernando Alves de Azevedo, Evandro Henrique Schinor, Katia Cristina Kupper, Marinês Bastianel & Marcos Paulo Rossetto Article
Influence of cold storage on the concentration of anthocyanins and the physical and chemical characteristics of blood orange fruits Rodrigo Rocha Latado, Vanessa Voigt, Pedro César dos Santos & Lenice Magali do Nascimento Article
Redistribution of zinc in orange trees Raul Henrique Sartori, Antonio Enedi Boaretto, Takashi Muraoka, Felipe Carlos Alvarez Villanueva e Henriqueta Maria Gimenes Fernandes Article


Huanglongbing (ex-greening) and its vector in the cuban citrus industry Raixa Llauger, Maritza Luís, Cyrelys Collazo, Caridad González, Inés Peña, Daylé López & Lochy Batista Y Jorge Cueto Note
Efficiency evaluation of didecyldimethyl ammonium chloride for controlling green mold on tahiti lime Lenice Magali do Nascimento, Eduardo José dos Santos e Pedro César dos Santos Note
Use of orthophenilphenol for the postharvest control of stem rot in 'Tahiti' lime Lenice Magali do Nascimento, Katia Cristina Kupper & Eduardo José dos Santos Note

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