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Citrus Research & Technology

Peeling back the citrus in Brazil: mapping and quantification of the brazilian citrus chain  

Marcos Fava Neves, Vinícius Gustavo Trombin and Rafael Bordonal Kalaki

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The CHAIN Plan developed by Neves (2007) is a practical process for developing strategic plans for production chains and was applied in several projects in Brazil. One of the initial steps of this method is mapping and quantification of production chains. This step provides knowledge of the size of the production chain analysed, in terms of social and economic magnitude of all the links that comprises. Here this method is presented in detail, in order to be useful to researchers worldwide interested in mapping and quantifying a chain. Subsequently, we present the results of applying the method in one of the most important agribusiness chain in Brazil, the citrus chain. In this research, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the citrus chain for the 2008/09 crop year was estimated at US$ 6.5 billion. Here is probably the more updated and profound radiography of the citrus chain in Brazil. This study aims to show an overview of the Brazilian citriculture, including its mapping and quantification, in order to promote a better understanding of the business and the variables that impact its trends while bringing more transparency to the sector. This material should serve as a stimulus to decision-making, public and private, besides it shows the intimate interconnection between the links in the chain and its ability to generate revenues, taxes and jobs.


production chain, planning and management, citrus juice.
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